It is our top priority to perform precise examination of our patients so as to find the cause of the existing problems, which consequently, allows us to implement the most effective treatment.

We perform the examination of:

• the condition of teeth and gingivae,
• the mucosa,
• the temporomandibular joints and mastication muscles,
• the intraoral radiographs,
• presence of plaque deposits and the effectiveness of hygienic treatment,
• the properties of saliva,
• teeth viability,
• malocclusions and face symmetry,
• pathologic teeth attrition

And the wide variety of other services depending on the patients’ needs. All above let us plan the treatment in a few versions, so as to give our patients the choice of the most suitable method of the treatment. Thanks to that, you are aware of the possibilities of the course of treatment as well as costs involved in it.

On request, we might equip you with your own set of necessary tools