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NOVELTY- PRX-T 33. Bio-revitalisation of skin, without needles!

The revolutionary gel formula, which holds a world patent, is registered with class I, CE sign, was drawn up by Italian dermatologist, Dr Rosanna Castellana. Unique combination of components enables the treatment for patients of all ages and during every season. The treatment is painless, very effective and little invasive. What is more, it enables incessant full functioning of the patients. The amount of treatments in the cycle depends on the indications:


• The loss of skin tension on the face and body – 1-5 treatments
• Improving skin texture of neckline- 2-6 treatments
• Atrophic scars- about 20 treatments
• Stretch marks – 5-15 treatments
• Additionally, as the support for skin hyperpigmentation – 1 treatment every 20-30 days

Treatment effects:

Direct effect, visible already after one treatment is very strong moisturizing as well as improvement of skin tension. It is a perfect treatment for improving the quality of slack skin, shallowing wrinkles as well as delaying ageing effect and reduction of hyperpigmentations on both, body and face. Very good effect can be obtained also as far as the stretch marks, atrophic and acne scars treatments are concerned.

Scars and stretch marks- the price is set individually depending on the size of the area.

Even better results can be obtained by combining PRX- T33 with other treatments, of aesthetic medicine, among others, microneedle mezotherapy or fractional laser.

Face 250 PLN
Face + neck 300 PLN
Face+ neck+neckline 380 PLN

MICRONEEDLE MEZOTHERAPY You cannot reverse the time, but you can stop it… World novelty available at our surgery!

Microneedle mezotherapy is a treatment involving small punctures made by a special device. During the treatment, not only are active substances inserted deep into the skin, but the skin is also stimulated to produce more elastin and collagen.

Treatment effects:

• skin nourishment,
• restoration of proper moisture and skin volume,
• lifting and removal of shallow wrinkles,
• shallowing deep wrinkles,
• slowing down the process of shallowing skin,
• removal of hyperpigmentation,
• restoration of natural, healthy colour the skin,
• removal of ‘horseshoes’ under the eyes,
• removal of loose and flabby skin in the stomach areas,
• reduction of stretch marks and scars.

Micro needle mesotherapy using a revitalizing cocktail

Face 280 PLN
Face+ neck 350 PLN
Face + neck + neckline 420 PLN


Application of glycolic acid has very beneficial effect on the dermis. Thanks to 70% glycolic acid, the elastic fibres undergo reconstruction, therefore skin’s elasticity improves. Simultaneously, the increased production of collagen fibres can be observed, which consequently, leads to wrinkles shallowing and long-term improvement of both, biological and mechanical skin properties. Already after the first treatment, the improvement of skin is noticeable.

The best results are obtained by performing the cycle of treatments, once or twice a month during 6 months’ period. 70% GLICOLIC ACID CAN BE USED ONLY AT THE SURGERIES!!!

Effects of peeling with use of 70C% glycolic acid:

• skin moisture,
• acceleration of cells’ regeneration,
• reduction of shallow and deep wrinkles,
• prevention of skin ageing,
• skin softening and smoothening,
• improvement of skin’s tone and texture
• scars shallowing,
• reduction of hyperpigmentations: freckles, lentigines and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.


• skin allergies,
• active herpes,
• tendency for scars occurrence,
• condition after surgery treatment in the face areas (up to 2 months),
• pregnancy, breast-feeding,
• numerous melanocytic lesions and ‘spider veins’
• damaged or irritated skin.


Hands 40 PLN
Face 80 PLN
Face, neck, neckline 120 PLN

Non- ablative, fraction laser ATON®

ATON® is a new system of a fraction laser, which enables performing of the preventive treatment as well and treatment of signs of ageing. Under its influence, the cells undergo controlled overheating which consequently stimulates them to reconstruct and produce new collagen in dermis. As a result, the skin’s colour becomes even-toned and smooth. Thanks to collagen reconstruction, skin becomes thicker; it also retrieves its elasticity and tension- lifting effect. Atrophic scars, stretch marks and wrinkles are filled in or shallowed.

Treatments with the use of ATON® are little invasive and they do not cause any interruption in continuity of skin and social functioning.

ATON® gives the possibility of treatment for patients at every age.
The effects can be noticed already after the first treatment!

Full cycle lasts three months and it includes 4 treatments, once a month.

Face 350 PLN
Face, neck 400 PLN
Face, neck, neckline 500 PLN


For 3 weeks before the treatment, it is advisable to stop taking:


• All detoxicating and slimming herbs and blend of herbs, such as St John’s wort, marigold, pansy, horsetail, nettle, camomile, sweet balm, mint, common valerian, bergamot, angelica, lovage, caraway, anise, bishop’s flower. Also all oral skin, hair and nail supplements, e.g. skrzypovita


• Antibiotics (e.g. tetracycline antibiotics, azithromycin, ciprofloxacin, co-trimoxazole, nitrofurantoin, doxycycline, metronidazole,
• Steroids,
• Sulphonamides,
• Thiazide diuretics: hydrochlorothiazide, bendroflumethiazide, bemetizide,
• Derivatives of retinoids, both, the ones contained in the oral medicines and the ones in creams and ointments.

Roaccutan, Accutan, tretinoin, and isotretinoin ingestion – 6 months after the therapy’s ending, it is possible to perform laser treatment.

It is prohibited to consume alcohol as well as to use alcohol based cosmetics or skin tonics for 24 hours before the treatment.

It is absolutely necessary to inform laser-therapist about all ingested medicines, herbs and other diet supplements.

Failure to follow the recommendations and contraindications may lead to complications after the treatment.


• do not use sauna or swimming pool for 2 days,
• apply sunscreens and avoid sunbathing for 2 weeks,
• Apply moisturising cream twice a day.