Dental caries is a disease triggered by the activities of bacteria on the surface of the teeth, which cause their gradual demineralisation and damage. Removal of the damaged part of the tooth and the remodelling of its shape and function, serve as the basis for the treatment. We apply the treatment that saves every fragment of a healthy tooth, removing only its sick parts, very often without using of drills, but with help of sandblasting machine or a caries thinning gel. In order to rebuild the cavity, we use the aesthetic materials, which resemble the structure of teeth cells. Materials used in our surgery, enable us to faithfully reproduce the colour and shape of the tooth. During the treatment, the bacteria are eliminated by the use of ozone.

Untreated dental caries can lead to the development of tooth inflammation and eventually its death!

Dental caries at its early stage can be treated without interference into tooth’s structure!

ICON - early caries treatment – treatment of white stains- without a drill!

For a very long time it was impossible to treat caries without interference of a drill. ICON, which is an infiltration method, is a perfect, mild solution which stops the caries at its early stage. Moreover, it provides long-lasting protection of enamel.

Medical indications:

White stains on the surface of the tooth are the most often caused by an early caries (demineralisation), e.g. frequently after removing braces.



Cavities arise as a result of overload, improper method of brushing as well as acid activity. Depending on the level and kind of cavity, we offer a range of solutions, which enable re-enactment of teeth’s functions, shape and aesthetics.


When the inside area of a tooth, which contains blood vessels and nerves, is attacked by bacteria, it is necessary to clean and disinfect it, whereas an empty space should be filled in tightly. Otherwise, proliferating bacteria can cause progressively bigger bone cavity around the roots, which consequently can cause an increasing pain and dangerous abscesses. Usually, treatment is possible already during a single visit, under the radiograph control, a device monitoring the work of tools in the roots, and with the help of a microscope. All above increase the precision and effectiveness of the treatment.

Typically, treatment is possible on one visit under the control of RVG, using the latest technologies that increase the precision and effectiveness of treatments.

What is more, we also perform the treatment involving the closing of root walls’ perforations and removal of broken tools from the root canals.